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Places of Interest - Temples & Mosques
Chinese Temples

Kek Lok Si Temple
Kek Lok Si Temple reputed to be the biggest Buddhist temple complex in Southeast Asia, the temple stands majestically on a hill in Air Itam. It boasts the beautiful "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas" which blends Chinese, Myanmarese and Thai architecture.
Khoo Kongsi
Khoo Kongsi is one of the garndest clan temples in the country. Clustered in its square are an elaborately embellished temple, association building, a traditional theatre as well as several 19th century row houses.

Snake Temple
Built in 1850 and dedicated to the deity, Chor Soo Kong, the temple is a sanctuary for a pit vipers said to be servants of the deity.

Muslim Mosques

Kapitan keling Mosque
Built in early 19th century, the mosque features an ochre yellow facade and a dome-shaped minaret reflecting Moorish Islamic influence.

Acheen Street Malay Mosque
This vernacular-stlye mosque, also known as Masjid Melayu, can octagonal minaret and a Moorish arcade. It was built in 1820 on land donated by Syed Sheriff Tengku Syed Hussain Aidid.