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Q. How do i collect the GPS system that i have rent?
A. You can pick the device up at our show room Penang. We also provide service to collect or deliver the device to hotels located in Penang, but please let us know in advance for the arrangement.

Q. How much does it cost for the delivery service?
A. Delivery to airport or hotel within Penang Island will be RM30 for one way or RM50 for both way.

Q. Can i pick up the GPS after office hour?
A. Yes, you can. But, you will need to pay extra RM20 per trip to cover our running cost.

Q. Can i pick up the GPS during weekend or public holiday?
A. Yes, you can. But, you will need to pay extra RM30 per trip to cover our running cost.

Q. Do i get discount if i return the gps early?
A. No.

Q. Where does the system work?
A. Throughout Malaysia. Every GPS unit has full ground level mapping.

Q. Is it really that simple to use?
A. Yes, just enter the name of the suburb, the street, and the number you want to get to - then just follow the screen directions and voice guide. Our units are fully touchscreen, and come with a simple to follow instruction guide.

Q. Do you sell GPS navigation units?
A. Yes, we can sell you new or old GPS units depending on your budget.

Q. How good are the maps on these GPS navigation systems?
A. We use up-to-date maps available in Malaysia, with coverage throughout the whole Malaysia.

Q. What if the device does not work?
A. We will provide you a training upon collecting the unit to make sure the device is in working condition.

Q. What if I lose or damage the device?
A. If you are reporting the device stolen we will need to report the theft to the Police Unfortunately the full deposit cannot be returned unless the device is recovered in full working order.

Q. What if I return the device late?
A. If it looks as if you are going to need the device for longer please call us at the earliest opportunity. With enough notice we will simply extend the booking at the daily rate you are paying. Unfortunately if you do not inform us that the device will be returned late the charges are much higher because of the potential problems this could cause to other customers.

Q. Do you accept cheque or credit card?
A. No, we accept cash only, and we will also refund the balance of the money to you in cash when you return the unit back to us in good condition.
Q. Why should I rent instead of buying?
A. was designed with the specific goal in mind to provide customers nationwide the ability to rent a GPS unit when they need a GPS for just a few days or a week or more. In addition, customers who wish to experience a GPS system before committing to an expensive
unit or only need a GPS system for short duration of time for business or pleasure trips can do so at a very reasonable price.
There are certain occasions that come up once or twice a year where having a GPS unit would make life a lot less stressful by having a GPS as a travel companion in an unfamiliar area.

Q. What other benefits will I enjoy by renting a GPS unit from
A. Some car rental companies have their GPS system attached to the vehicle, which makes it impossible to use as a portable system aka
(Pedestrian mode). We have specific GPS units that are designed to include the pedestrian mode features when available. How can this
benefit you? When going to an unfamiliar area you can save where you parked your car on certain portable GPS systems from us and find your
location back to your car when needed. This is only applicable in city streets, not in parking garages.
Q. Do you have units to rent that have traffic information on them?
A. No, this features is not available in Malaysia yet.
Q. How far in advance must I order to ensure I get the unit when I need it?
A. We recommend you order your rental GPS unit in advance due to high season demands. Making a reservation 30 days before your trip
guarantees you a GPS unit when you need one. Reservation 2 weeks in advance is always recommended. The latest you can order a GPS
unit from us is 2 business days before you are going on your trip. In this situation we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot
guarantee that we will have a GPS unit available to rent. As a last resort, there is always overnight delivery. The best way, however, is
to order on time.
Example: Customer is going out of town on Saturday the 30th of December. Since deliveries are only made on weekdays, customer must
order the GPS unit no later than 4 pm EST on Tuesday the 26th of December. Delivery date has to be a weekday so customer will receive
the item on Thursday or Friday.
Q. What happens if I lose the unit or it gets stolen?
A. You are 100% responsible for the unit while you are in possession and control of it. In the event your item gets lost, stolen or damaged,
your deposit fee plus any additional cost of the unit will be charged to you based on the amount of the replacement value for the GPS unit
as agreed upon in the terms and conditions.
Q. Do you have any recommendations on things to do to prevent loss or theft?
A. We highly recommend you treat the rental GPS unit like you would with your own laptop computer, wallet or purse. Never leave any valuable items, including your rental GPS in plain sight. GPS units that are left in plain view in a vehicle are invitations to theft and if you
do not wish to have your vehicle broken into, store the GPS unit in the trunk or glove box out of view when you park your vehicle. Even
better, take it with you to reduce the chance of such losses. If you choose to take your GPS unit in a hotel room, make sure you put it in
a safe place or in a locked safe just like the rest of your valuables.
Q. How do I contact you if I have any questions about renting?
A. All you have to do is go to the contact us page on the website. On that page you can email us with questions at any time or you can call
us during business hours as stated by the customer support number.